From a trip to the cities of Albania, I was able to bring the best views of Shkoder and different Albanian landscapes, pictures of Shkoder lake and fortress Rozafa, as well as the most colorful Shkodra photos


Views of Abu-Bakr Mosque in the center of Shkoder

How old albanian houses looks like

Photos of the monument to Mother Teresa in Shkodra

Beautiful images of Shkodra

View on Abu-Bakr Mosque

Old albanian houses

Mother Teresa

Beautiful images of Shkodra

Pleasant Albanian landscapes

Monument to Isa Boletini

Views of the pedestiran zone in Shkoder

Nice street sketch

Albania now

Monument to Isa Boletini

Restored pedestrian zone

Street sketch

Typical Albanian landscape

Pleasant views of Quay in Shkoder

Shkoder lake at glance

Unusual pictures of fortress Rozafa

Typical Albanian landscape


Lake Shkoder

Way up to the castle

Shkodra best photos

Pictures from the fortress Rozafa

Report about a trip to the cities of Albania

Castle Shkodra photos

Old wall

Pictures from the fortress Rozafa

Dungeons and maybe dragons

Remnants of the former glory

Outstanding pictures of the fortress Rozafa

Unforgettable panorama of Shkoder lake

Let's see the original Shkodra photos

Foggy Albanian landscapes

Formidable stronghold

Panorama neighborhood

I see everything from above...

Albania in the fog

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