Independent trip to Albania added to my collection of impressions the best views of Tirana, pleasant lake landscapes, Tirana photos with colored houses, and other unusual pictures from Albania, with the most famous landmarks like mausoleum of Enver Hoxha and Skanderbeg Monument


Picture with Skanderbeg Monument from Albania

View of the center of Tirana

Photos of Enver Hoxha Mausoleum captured at Tirana

Coloured houses in Albanian style

Picture with Skanderbeg Monument

View of the center of Tirana

Enver Hoxha Mausoleum

Buildings in Albanian style

Views of colored house from Tirana

Unusual pictures from Albania

Views of Tirana colored houses

Report on a trip to the southern Balkans

The variety architecture

Simple morals

Colored houses of Tirana

City street

Tirana photos of the Lake park

Lake park landscapes

Autumn views of Tirana

Beautiful pictures from Albania

Photo from Lake park

Natural landscape

Autumn came


Let's see nice and uncommon lake landscapes

Lana River panorama

Unusual views of Tirana skyscrapers

Pictures from the central districts of Albania capital

Trinity - but not a saint...

Lana River panorama


In the central districts of Tirana

Mosque in night illumination

Albanian colored house at night

Pictures of a Christian churches from Albania

Tirana nightlife at glance

Mosque in night illumination


Christian churches are rare in Albania

Tirana nightlife

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