Having traveled to Southern Europe, I appreciated how good views of Banja-Luka and Bosnia landscapes are, and brought home many photos from Banja-Luka, where there is an old fortress and Vrba river, so let's see pictures of the former Yugoslavia


Views of fortress in Banja Luka

Bosnia pleasant landscapes

Pictures of the sights of the former Yugoslavia

Attractive photos from Banja-Luka

Fortress in Banja Luka


Old stone fortifications


Images taken on the shore of Vrba river

Excellent views of the attractions of Banja Luka

Let's see attractive Bosnia landscapes

Wonderful scenery of Vrba river

Under the sun

Honored kind are released

Welcome to Bosnia!


Pleasant and memorable landscapes Vrba river

Photos of the orthodox cathedral from Banja-Luka

Orthodox stylistics

Extremely skillful mosaic with Virgin Mary

At the river

City's cathedral

Orthodox stylistics

Mosaic with Virgin Mary

Photo from Banja Luka, where you can see the results of archaeological excavations

Great views of the center of Banja-Luka

Very bright pictures of Yugoslavia

Balkan architecture at glance

The results of archaeological excavations

Center of Banja Luka

Under the bright sun

Balkan architecture

Photos from the main street of Banja-Luka

Let's see together nice Bosnia landscapes

Wonderful pictures of street cafe from the former Yugoslavia

Images obtained while walking along Vrba river

Main Street

New quarters

Street Cafe


Views of churches from Banja Luka

Bosnian landscapes are sometimes very good, and sometimes not

Vrbas river embankment at glance

Look at the album where photos from Banja-Luka are collected

Strict church

Bosnian traffic

Vrbas river embankment

Banja Luka City Park

Pictures of houses of the former Yugoslavia

A detailed report on the trip to southern Europe

Modern skyscraper

Unusual Cathedral views of of St. Bonaventure in Banja Luka

Like in a village


Modern skyscraper

Unusual Cathedral of St. Bonaventure

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