Arrange independent travel to Bosnia and see the sights of Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka will help you useful links. Bosnian visa, Bosnia hotels, tourist information, transportation, maps of cities - all at your disposal.


GENERAL INFORMATION: - Official information about the Bosnian visa - National carrier airline Bosnia Airlines - Railroads Bosnia - Information about the Bosnian buses - Travel Bosnia


SARAJEVO: - Sarajevo Airport - Bus station Sarajevo - Travel Sarajevo - Hotel Italia in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo - Information about Sarajevo - Transport system Sarajevo - A short guide to Sarajevo - Card Sarajevo, "Sarajevo Card": how much it costs, where to buy, benefice


MOSTAR: - popular with visitors Bosnia hotel Kriva Cuprija in Mostar - bus carriers in Mostar - Vehicles on Mostar and the surrounding area - Tourist information about Mostar



Banja Luka: - Banja Luka Airport - Hotel Booking System in Banja Luka - Bus station in Banja Luka - Tourist Information about Banja Luka


MAPS: - Map of Sarajevo - Map of the old part of Sarajevo - Map of Banja Luka - Map of Mostar


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