Trip to Middle East for resort vacation added to my collection of Egypt photos great views of Luxor and Cairo, as well as a report on the Red Sea holidays included the

beautiful pyramids images and pictures from Hurghada


See great views of Luxor

Photos of Egypt ancient cities

Avenue of sphinxes at glance

Photo report on the excursion to Luxor

The ruins of Luxor

Seems that not everything has collapsed...

Avenue of sphinxes

Ancient stone

Egypt photos with scarabs

How does Colossi of Memnon looks like

Valley of the Nile

View of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Luxor


Colossi of Memnon

 Valley of the Nile

Near the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Album about Excursion to the Egyptian Museum

Unforgettable pyramids images

Egypt photos with locals

See pyramids and the Sphinx images

Excursion to the Egyptian Museum

The Pyramids

Arab trade

Pocket Sphinx

Lunch in Egyptian style

Pictures from Hurghada

Best holidays on the Red sea

Shop papyrus

Lunch in Egyptian style

At the entrance to the hotel

For rest

Shop papyrus

Report from Red Sea about wonderful holidays

Egypt photos of camel riding

Women in the harem: pictures from Hurghada

Red Sea holidays detailed report

I can see everything

Hey, you there, I say, handlebars!

My harem

Desert is a desert

See photos from Safaga...

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