The album about Egypt included the best views of Safaga, Red Sea underwater photos, coral reef images and pictures from hotel "Menaville Safaga"


Pictures from Menaville Safaga hotel

Let's see album about Egypt

Unforgettable views of Safaga beach

Egyptian coral reef images

At the entrance to "Safaga Menaville"

Territory of the hotel is fine

Relaxing stay

The hotel has its own coral reef

Red Sea underwater photos

Photo report about a trip to Egypt

Let's see album about Egypt

Pictures of amazing buffet from Menaville Safaga

Marine life

Group of friends

Main thing - not to win but to participate!

Buffet in all its glory

City views of Safaga

Funny pictures from Menaville Safaga

Visiting the Arabs to capture coral reef images

Beach trip to take Red Sea underwater photos

Hike in Safaga

Funny picture

Visiting the Arabs

Picture from Safaga beach

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