From the American travel I brought not only memories, but also beautiful Flores views, Guatemala pictures and colorful houses photos, included in Latin America album


Photo report on the trip to Latin America – how the border of Guatemala look like

Watch the pictures of Guatemala coast: Latin America album

Photos from the overseas trip: Guatemala pictures

Photo of guatemalan frontier post: sketches from Latin America

Crossing border

The coast of Guatemala

First impressions

Frontier post

Photos from a trip to Flores: rural life in Guatemala

How the roads of Guatemala look like: see Latin America album

Panorama of Flores: Guatemala pictures

Photos of mayan culture maked in the independent trip

Rural life

How the roads of Guatemala look like

Panorama of Flores

A reminder of the Mayan culture

Views of Flores: local architecture pictured

Colorful houses: let's see views of Flores

Guatemala pictures, that were made in Flores City

Flores in full view: beautiful Latin America album

Local architecture

Colorful sight

A secluded place

Flores in full view

Pictures from overaseas trip: monument of a difficult fate

Guatemala pictures: church in colonial style

Masterpiece of wood carving: photos from Latin America album

Photos taken at Flores during the American tour

Monument of a difficult fate

Church in colonial style

Subtle, however, work

Temple nave

Photoshoots from American tour: colorful houses of Flores

Flores views, taken in the Guatemalan province

Pastoral guatemala pictures, included in Latin America album

Flores views, looking like Caribbean sunset

A succession of beautiful houses

Landscape of Flores

Pastoral picture from Guatemala

Nearly Caribbean Sunset

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