Independent trip to South Europe added to my added to my album Balkan images beautiful views of Skopje, unforgettable panoramas, photos of the stone bridge, Turska Charshia and other sights of Skopje, as well as the best Macedonian pictures


Photos of Skanderber monument in Skopje

Views of Fortress of Skopje

See Balkan amazing images

Macedonia attraction pictures

Like in Albania: again Skanderbeg!

Fortress of Skopje


Traces of restoration

Turska Charshia at a glance

View of Skopje and mountains around

Macedonia pictures from the Old Bazaar, Turska Charshia

Skopje old bazaar photos

Just like new!

View of the city and mountains

Pictures from the Old Bazaar, Charshia

Trade life

Views of Skopje main street

Unforgettable Balkan images

Bust of Tito

Photos of Shopping monument in the center of Skopje

In the center of Skopje

Pedestrian Zone

Bust of Tito

Shopping monument

How cathedral of St. Kliment Ohridski look like

Appreciate the images of the Balkan churches

Skopje photos of mosaics

Unusual Macedonia pictures with monuments

Cathedral of St. Kliment Ohridski



Watch out, partisans!

A reminder of the earthquake

Balkan Madonna

Exposition National Museum

Balkan images of the folk crafts

A reminder of the earthquake

Balkan Madonna

Exposition National Museum

Fine work

Skopje street photos and scenes

See how beautiful the famous stone bridge!

Photos of Skopje at night

Macedonia nightlife pictures

Until the white...

Famous Stone bridge

Skopje at night


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