Arrange independent travel to Malaysia and see the sights of Kuala Lumpur will help you useful links. Malaysian visa, hotels Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia railways, the KL zoo, the Petronas Towers, tourist information about Kuala Lumpur - all at your disposal


GENERAL INFORMATION: Ц "Malaysia airlines" site - The most cheap flights within South-East Asia - Flights between Malaysia and the islands of Thailand Ц Malaysian railways site: book tickets online, timetable, prices, etc.


KUALA-LUMPUR: Ц Kuala-Lumpur International Airport Ц Metro map and otherwise useful information about the public transport system - Book hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Southeast Asia - "Ancasa hotel" Ц Tourist information about Malaysia Ц Tourist information about Kuala-Lumpur - All about Kuala Lumpur TV tower - Zoo in Kuala Lumpur - Dossier on the Petronas Twin Towers Ц How to achive Zoo, Batu caves, etc


КАРТЫ: Ц A huge map of Kuala-Lumpur

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