During the vacation I was able to capture a lot of Maldivian islands photo, so the new photo album includes most beautiful landscapes of the world, tropical views and typical Maldives pictures from "Holiday Island Resort" hotel



Photo report about the rest in the Maldives: great tropical views

How holiday island resort look like - beautiful landscapes from equator

Maldives pictures, taken during the honeymoon holidays

Pictures of independent travel to Indian ocean: beautiful landscapes

The road to paradise!

Typical landscape of the Maldives

Under the rainbow

Beautiful coast

Maldivian islands photo from "holiday island resort"

A trip to the paradise: Maldives pictures

Pictures of the beach at holiday island resort

Endless pleasure - let's see maldives pictures

Life in a Bungalow

Arranged with all the comfort

On the beach

Endless pleasure!

Beautiful landscapes, captured between the sky and the water

Tropical views of the Indian Ocean

Types taken at holiday island resort

Vazlav Shubbe on vacation at the holiday island resort

Between the sky and the water

Standard of transparency

All amenities

Super cool!

Album from holiday island resort: intimate beach corner

Maldives pictures at glance

Beautiful landscapes of the Indian Ocean coast

Wonderful tropical views

Intimate beach corner

Place for walking

Under the bright sky

Picture from the tropics

Maldivian islands photo: incredible beauty

Picters from cruise on the Maldives

Pretty maldivian islands photos

Independent travel to South Asia - tropical views

Incredible beauty

Cruise on the Maldives

Landing on the island


Maldives island photo water villas

Underwater world in maldives pictures

Tropical views of Sun Island Resort

Maldives pictures, seen like on a postcard

Maldivian water villas

Local fowl

Excuse me to have a bite!

Like on a postcard

Beautiful landscapes from jungles

Asian style decoration

Great maldivian islands photo

See Maldives pictures, captured at Holiday Island Resort hotel

Safe jungle

Asian style decoration

Invitation to swim

Simply unreal!

Picture of "Holiday Island Resort " hotel

Beautiful landscapes: evening at the equator

Wonderful sunset Maldives pictures

Album about Holiday Island Resort: sunset over the Maldives

Picture of "Holiday Island " hotel

Evening at the equator

Feel yourself the king of nature

Sunset over the Maldives

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