From a new vacation I brought a tropical islands photo album, which included not only Maldives views, but also Male pictures, atoll Male photos and Indian Ocean landscapes


Photo Maldives from the plane, included in tropical islands album

Male pictures, taken at the airport

Indian Ocean landscapes, captured at Maldivian cruise

Let's see atoll Male photos

Photo Maldives from the plane

Pictures taken at the airport

Welcome to the mini cruise

Let's go to the capital

Maldives views - boat marina at Male

Atoll Male photos: capital embankment

Male buildings pictures

Islamic architecture types, included in tropical islands album

Boat parking

City Embankment

Center of Male

New architecture

The main mosque hit the lens

Nice Male pictures

Monument to heroes: atoll Male photos from sightseeing excursion

Maldives views of colonial cemetery

The main mosque of the state

Nice picture

Monument to heroes

Colonial cemetery

Male excursion pictures

Atoll Male transport photos

City sketch, included in tropical islands album

Ugly Maldives views: not everywhere in the Maldives is beautiful...

Impressions from walks

Scooter, the most popular means of transport

City sketch

Not everywhere in the Maldives is beautiful...

Male pictures of locals

Holiday at equator: atoll Male photos

City of Male shopping pictures

Independent travel to South Asia: trying to find best Maldives views

Immersion in Local Life


Shopping in Male is not bad

Transport problem

Male embankment at a glance: Indian Ocean landscapes

Indian Ocean landscapes: how Metropolitan promenade look like

The unpleasant side of the Maldives views

Nightly atoll Male photos

On the shore of the Indian Ocean

Metropolitan promenade

The unpleasant side of the Maldives

Nightly Male

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