Independent trip to Nepal added to my collection of photos beautiful views of Kahmandu. Travel report contains pictures of Nepal & Kahmandu attractions, includes photos of houses and temples, landscapes Durbar Square, Thamel quarter photo album and the best Himalayan landscapes


Himalayan landscapes from a plane

The best Nepal pictures

Asian architecture at a glance

Katmandu photo album: beautiful nepalese masks

View of the Himalayas

Nepal landscapes under the wing of the aircraft

Monastery Gate

Do not know what to miss...    

Thamel quarter photo album

Nepalese souvenirs in front of typical local houses

Kathmandu views: typical buildings in capital center

Asian architecture: how streets Katmandu looks like

In quarter Thamel

So look Nepalese souvenirs

Typical buildings in capital center

Street of Kathmandu

Nepal pictures of buddist stupa

Himalayan landscapes captured during Nepal trip

Kathmandu views of local sites

How Nepalese houses look like

Nepalese stupa

Sacred place

Local symbols

Sitting on each other

Kathmandu street market views

Nepalese traditional muton set, filmed at old Katmandu houses

Old Kathmandu views are very beautiful

A mountainous country is not only Himalayan landscapes, but also bright fabrics

Street market

Nepalese muton set

View of Kathmandu

Bright colors

Nepal heroic pictures

A perfect example of asian architecture

Kathmandu views of Durbar square

Souvenirs from the Nepal pictures

Everything under control!

Ancient pagoda

Durbar Square

Different offers!

Asian architecture pleases the look

Famous Nepalese woodcarving at houses gates

Best Kathmandu people views

Asian architecture of Nepal

History of the Divine reality

Famous Nepalese woodcarving


Architecture of Nepal 

Watchtower Darahara in undestroyed form

Modern Kathmandu District views

Gate martyrs: let's see Himalayan landscapes

Nepal pictures, taken during independent trip to Central Asia

Watchtower Darahara

Modern Kathmandu District

Gate martyrs

King's Monument

Traditional nepalese houses at a glance

New style asian architecture

Nepal picture from Dreams Garden

Gate of the former Royal Palace: best Kathmandu views

Like teeth...

New style architecture

Picture from Dreams Garden

Gate of the former Royal Palace

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