For a long time, I did not get my hands on the Egyptian section, but here it was reworked: Cairo photos are now collected separately, the views of the great pyramids on the Giza plateau are moved to another page.



The changes also affected the Jordanian section. There are now three pages of photo studies: the views of Petra, Jerash and the Dead Sea



While engaged in photographs from Syria, I thought that the Middle East section needs further elaboration. Accordingly, I looked with a fresh look at the pictures taken in Lebanon, and distributed them again. One part was made up of the views of Beirut, the second photo from Baalbek and the Bekaa valley.



Given the interest in the world in Syria, I decided to create a new section, where you can see photos from Aleppo, Damascus and Palmyra.



After exploring the largest metropolitan areas of South America, I made a trip to nature to see the Iguazu Falls first from Argentina and then from Brazil. Having completed my acquaintance with the national park, I then went to rest on the Brazilian beach.



After visiting Uruguay, I then moved to the other side of the bay and made a stop in Argentina, where I was able to take photos of Buenos Aires and La Plata.



Continuing reporting on a trip overseas, I now upload photos of Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento



From a tour of South America, I brought so many amazing photos that it was with great difficulty able to select the best pictures of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana beach and São Paulo.



During a trip to the islands of the Indian Ocean, I collected useful information about the airports of Colombo, Male, Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.



Going on a vacation in the Maldives, I expected that I would see many beautiful places, but did not expect that the rest on the islands would eclipse all other impressions. And although I did not like the capital of the country, the Maldives themselves were a miracle as good!



The main dish of this month will be the views of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. Well, Dambulla will go, so to speak, for dessert ...



I propose to continue our acquaintance with Sri Lanka. Let's have a look at the Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya and the attractions of Kandy



Let's see pictures from Sri Lanka. For starters albums about Colombo and Galle.



Continuing the theme of small states, I spread on the site pictures from Luxembourg - both from the first and from the second trip.



Today I decided to post photos taken in the tiny principality of Monaco. In my opinion, the pictures from Monaco and Monte Carlo turned out to be extremely beautiful.



This time the generous portion of guidebooks could not be put on the site, but the catch is really interesting: there were such curiosities in the network as "Norfolk", "Italian lakes", "California beaches" and "Mumbai".



During my trip to Southeast Asia, I was able to gather useful information about the airports of Yangon, Koh Samui and Bangkok, both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi


Holidays in the tropics brought me many vivid impressions. The new album includes the best pictures of Koh Samui



I confess that I was a little nervous when going on a trip to Myanmar. I thought that once in the country the military dictatorship rules, then the devil is going on there. In fact, the former Burma was a quiet and peaceful place. I was able to visit Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, having shot a lot of photos



It's time to share useful information that I gathered about the airports of Mexico City, Cancun and Guatemala City.



Well, the last step in the Scandinavian section is done. You can see a photos of Copenhagen, Roskilde, the former residence of the Danish kings and the castle in which Prince Hamlet lived.



Behind Norway with a small margin is Sweden. In this country I went three times, and every time I brought beautiful pictures from there. I offer to your attention not only the views of large cities like Stockholm and Malmö, but also such interesting places as Lund, Kristianstad, Helsingborg and Landskrona with its huge fortress.



For a long time I could not collect my thoughts and make out pictures from trips around Scandinavia. But, finally, the light was seen by the pictures taken in Norway. First there is a photo report from Oslo, then beautiful Norwegian fjords, behind them Bergen, and in the final, Stavanger.



Having set out to travel in Latin America, I expected to see Mayan cities located in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. In Belize I was not allowed border guards, but the rest of the countries I visited. Now I'm posting pictures of Guatemala - the pyramids of Tikal, the views of Flores and photos taken in the capital. Images from Mexico will appear on the site later.



I bring to your attention the Turkish section. In it you will find photos of Istanbul, Belek and some other cities



Following the trip to India and neighboring countries, I wrote some advices about local airports. You can find useful information about the air harbors of Delhi, Calcutta and Jaipur



Congratulations to all visitors with a joyous event: getting started English version of the site. Not all pages available in English, but I'm working on it.


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