During his trip to Northern Europe, I was able to see the best views of Stavanger, so the new album includes the best Norwegian landscape, pretty Scandinavian pictures and best photos of Stavanger's attractions, such as monument to three swords


Beautiful Scandinavian pictures

Norwegian landscape at a glance

Photos of a cruise to Stavanger along the coast of Norway

Album about independent trip to Norway

Good-bye, Bergen! Hello, Stavanger!

A look at parting...

Photo of a cruise along the coast of Norway

Full speed ahead!

Norwegian landscape, captured at North sea coast

Road to the Stavanger photos

Pretty Norwegian spring landscape

Scandinavian nature pictures

Even on the rocks grow trees

Let's go with the breeze

Norwegian landscape

Appeasement picture

Scandinavian pictures, taken at West Norway

The best view of the Stavanger cathedral

Stavanger attractions photos

Views of Stavanger old city

At full strength

The best view of the Stavanger cathedral

Sweet couple

Old city

How does Wahlberg tower look like

Scandinavian sunset pictures

Monument to three swords at a glance

Let's see monument to three swords

Wahlberg tower

Scandinavian sunset

Monument to the Unification of Norway

Three and a half swords

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