In South American album I included the best views of Ciudad del Este, the outstanding picture from Paraguay, examples of Indian Art, and the pictures of the most interesting places of Ciudad del Este, like the bridge of friendship on the border of Paraguay and Brazil


Photos of shops in Ciudad del Este

So it looks like the shopping center "Mona Lisa"

Unusual picture from Paraguay

Views of center Ciudad del Este

Shopping in Ciudad del Este is simply stunning!

So it looks like the shopping center "Mona Lisa"

Labyrinth of shops

All brands at once

Paraguayan market

Images of people included in the South American album

Picture of war monuments from Paraguay

Chinese Garden in South American album

Paraguayan market

City Tour

The hero of the country

Chinese Garden in South America

Pleasant Example of Indian Art

Great views of Ciudad del Este

Indian Art as it is

Diverse picture from Paraguay

The monument is not needed by anyone, everyone went shopping

Dense urban development

Trying to decorate

The heat dispersed the audience

Unforgettable picture from Paraguay, shot at the Brazilian border

Views of skyscrapers in Ciudad del Este

Images of skyscrapers, included in South American album

An uncommon example of Indian art

Picture from Paraguay



Indian Art

Landscapes of the city center

Picture of to the Seamen from Paraguay

Views of Ciudad del Este are not so bad

Picture of bridge from Paraguay to Brazil

Landscapes of the center

Monument to the Paraguayan Seamen

Views of Ciudad del Este are not so bad

Bridge of friendship from Paraguay to Brazil

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