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Transport: bus


Abu Dhabi Airport skips three times less passengers than its neighbor in Dubai, but it can not cope with this modest flow. Although it is praised for high level of service, in reality this level is not felt at all. Now active work is underway on the construction of a new terminal, but for now passengers should "enjoy" the crush and queues.


The problem is that the first terminal is very small, when in its main hall the airplanes come down from two or three planes, chaos begins there. With the third terminal things are better, it is newer and more spacious, however it is difficult to find vacant places there. There is one secret: to comfortably overnight at the airport of Abu Dhabi, it is necessary to find in the terminal 3 an entrance to the first floor and to sit there - the chairs are apparently invisible, but the people are nobody, everyone is poking around in the departure hall at the top. So we need to focus on the indexes of the business boxes "Etihad", and passing by it to go down the escalator. Just do not forget to change the time and set the alarm, otherwise it will not take long to get the flight.


It is also worth remembering that the hulls of the Abu Dhabi airport are far from each other. Although the connecting corridor can be traversed in a few minutes, there will be security controls along the way. In the morning, when a lot of flights arrive, the passage through it is very difficult, and there is no fast transit at Etihad - the employees are late to leave without a queue, so lucky, they will not let you go, the plane, you will not wait.


Exchange at the airport in Abu Dhabi is not very profitable, for the dollar give 3.60 dinars, the euro is also so-so. However, without local money, it is problematic to get to the city center, since the bus ride to Abu Dhabi costs 4 dinars, and you have to pay in cash. A taxi from the airport is expensive, better to book a transfer in advance, then you can save a little.


Duty free. Contrary to expectations, the prices of goods duty-free shops of the airport of Abu Dhabi are kept high. For example, a bottle of "Dior Homme Sport" with a capacity of 100 ml costs 104 dollars, this is more than even in Sheremetyevo. For reasonable money, you can buy in Abu Dhabi except that alcoholic beverages, so, liter of liqueur "Baileys" costs $ 25, almost as everywhere.

Appearance of the complex

Waiting room in terminal 1

Corridor for transit

Duty-free shops at Abu Dhabi airport

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