Bangkok Don Mueang Airport

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Transportation: bus, train


For a long time, Don Mueang airport serves as the main air gateway of Thailand, until it was replaced by the new, most modern Suvanarumi. However, after the discovery of the latter, the "old man" did not at all deserve a well-deserved rest: a short reconstruction followed, and Don Muang Airport again got on track. Now, however, it serves mainly flights of discount airlines, but passenger traffic is gradually increasing.


The most closely connected with the old complex is the carrier "Nok Air", which operates flights from Bangkok to Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai and other Thai cities. Also from Don Muang you can fly to Kuala Lumpur with the help of "AirAsia", we will not forget about the geography of flights of the airline "Thai AirAsia". In general, it will take a long time to list all the places where the airplanes from Don Muang fly.


Inside the terminal is arranged rather stupidly: there are not enough places for waiting, on the second floor there are almost none, people nest on the floor. Free rosettes can not be found in the afternoon with fire.


If the departure "Air Asia" and in the boarding pass indicated the gate 1-6, do not rush to them: there is a crush down there. It is better to sit on the second floor, where there are more seats, and go down only when the landing is announced.


The exchange rate is more profitable than at Suvarnabhumi airport, it's best to change money in the inner zone of Don Mueang, where you get luggage. The course for all banknotes is the same.


To get to Don Mueang airport from the center of Bangkok, it's best to take a special A1 bus. It follows straight from Mor Chit bus station, making stops along the road near traffic hubs; if you go from the airport to the city, you can ask the driver to open the door in a convenient place for you. Flights depart every 20 minutes, the fare is 30 baht. This is the easiest, but also the most expensive way, because the buses of the Bangkok transport system are much cheaper. Very useful in this regard is the route 29, passing through the whole city. He passes through the same bus station Mor Chit, and eventually arrives at the main train station of Bangkok. Bus 29 has a version with air conditioning, so that the trip can be not only cheap, but also quite comfortable. During the day taxi order is useless because of traffic jams, but if the plane landed at night, there is no better way to get from Don Muang to the center of Bangkok.


As for the railway station, the trains depart from it, also allowing access to Don Mueang airport from Bangkok. Station Don Mueang and the terminal are separated only a few hundred meters, and there is an electric train, I note, without unnecessary stops and does not depend on traffic jams. So if you need to get to Don Muang airport by a certain time, you can consider the train as an alternative to the bus. In general, the transport from the airport of Bangkok Don Muang goes regularly, although Suvarnabhumi with its express, of course, wins in terms of comfort.


It remains to add that it is possible to get free of charge from one Bangkok airport to another if you present a printout of the ticket or boarding pass for the current day or tomorrow. The road takes about 60-70 minutes, during peak hours the time goes by more. Be sure to check in at the transfer desk before landing and then not yawn: the number of seats on the bus is limited, who dared, he sat down, and who clicked with his beak, then all the way.


Duty free. Advantageous prices of duty-free shops Don Mueang not expose.

The waiting rooms are filled tightly

Exchange currency can easily

Inside the terminal, nothing special

Duty Free at the Don Mueang Airport

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