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Transportation: aeroexpress


A huge complex east of Bangkok appeared several years ago and its size makes a strong impression both outside and inside. Another thing is that it is arranged rather stupidly, and if you do not understand what is what, you can spoil your whole stay.


First, one should be prepared for large queues on passport control: border guards are definitely not coping with the flow that passes through their booths. Stand in the queue for at least half an hour, or even more.


Secondly, the complex is huge, the road from the points of inspection to the desired exit to the plane may well take 10 and 15 minutes of a cheerful step.


Thirdly, it's almost impossible to get to the connecting level of Suvarnabhumi Airport, the natural crush is near them. And besides, the cabin may well not stop at the third floor, how! All this is complemented by a stupid escalator system, in which the necessary lifts are located in the far wings of the terminal. I note that on the fourth tier, where flights are registered in Suvarnabhumi, there are very few places for waiting. If you want to spend the night at Bangkok airport, you need to find a passage to the third floor, where along the main gallery there is a mass of free seats. In this case, overnight at the Suvarnabhumi airport will be more or less comfortable, you can even lie down.


Yes, fourthly, the exchange rate is very unprofitable, although we must admit that any bills are accepted without problems. It is most correct to change for the beginning 5 or 10 dollars for transport, and larger amounts to save for urban exchangers.


The advantages of Thailand's main air gate are the large volume of internal premises, the general modernity of infrastructure and good transport links. Bangkok's new airport is located not far from the center of the Thai capital, than the good old Don Muang, but you can get to the city from it faster thanks to aeroexpress. To sit on it, you should go down to the first underground floor and buy a ticket either in the machine or at the cashier. To get from Suvarnabhumi to the center of Bangkok costs only 40 baht. Travel time is about 25 minutes, trains run every 12 minutes from 6am to midnight.


To transfer from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang Airport, it is better to take the shuttle bus. The trip is free, but you need to show the air ticket with the current date of departure or boarding pass.


The prices for the taxi are fixed. You can save a little if you make a reservation.


Duty free. Prices in Bangkok are mostly awful.

Photos of Bangkok airport

Main departure hall

Duty free in Suvarnabhumi

Bangkok business lounge

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