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Transport: by local bus, aeroexpress, taxi, tuk-tuk


In fact, Colombo airport is a tiny complex in the town of Ratmalana, located in the southern suburbs of the metropolis. And the air harbor, through which the vast majority of tourists arrive in Sri Lanka, is called Bandaranaike Airport, and since the nearest large populated one bears the name Katunayake, such a name also occurs. But once the practice has developed as it has developed, it will not be particularly nag to the little things.


First about the burning issue, and immediately decide the question of how best to get from Bandaranaike airport to Colombo. There are several ways, among which the simplest is a taxi. Near the arrival zone, car owners are constantly mistaken, ready to take passengers anywhere, but they know perfectly well that tourists know little about the prices for travel in Sri Lanka, and they have a habit of calling unreal prices. Therefore, it is better to book a taxi from Colombo airport in advance, it will be cheap and quick. The fact is that cars have the right to travel to the high-speed highway leading to the capital, and therefore the road will take at night not more than 20-25 minutes, and in the day, taking into account traffic jams, about 40 minutes.


This circumstance spoils the raspberries when the tourist has a desire to get to Colombo from the airport on tuk-tuk. In this case, most of the time will have to travel through the streets, stop at traffic lights, etc., so it's better not to count less than an hour of travel, even under favorable circumstances. Yes, this type of transport is cheaper, it is possible to come to terms with its driver for 1500-1800 rupees, but the taxi is still more convenient and pleasant. Those who still want to save, I will say that they do not allow tuk-tukers to go directly to the airport, but on the right side of the complex, near the fence, there is a parking lot for them, and we should negotiate about the price near it.


However, personally, I recommend that those who wish to save money get on the high-speed bus, which can be reached from Colombo airport at the airport of Bandaranaike cheaply and quickly. The issue price is only 100 rupees per person, luggage is free. For this money, a passenger gets an armchair in an air-conditioned cabin and the aforementioned high-speed highway. The right place for buses from Colombo airport to the city is on the left and ahead of the exit. That is, it is necessary to push the taxi drivers and cross the parking lot towards the exit gates, aiming to the left of them. There, shuttles are waiting for tourists. The only negative - you have to wait until enough people are gathered to send transport.


There is also the possibility to leave the airport Bandaranaike by buses. This method I would recommend only if you travel somewhere in the suburbs or when you need to get to the resort of Negombo. Yes, the journey costs a few rupees, but inside the conditions there are no: it's stuffy, it's hot, there's nowhere to attach luggage, and the journey lasts more than an hour and a half with all, as they say, stops. If you still want extreme, I will say that the route 187 brings straight to the city bus station.


Colombo airport itself seems quite good, modern, but this impression is deceptive. Firstly, inside there are very few places for waiting, I definitely would not recommend spending the night in Bandaranaike. Secondly, the case is organized very badly. So, passengers are waiting for several checks, including at the entrance, but the ugliest line always swims before entering the field. In it it is possible to spend 40 minutes or even an hour, so that any person at the sight of such a spectacle naturally begins to worry, as if not to be late for the flight. In fact, it's quite feasible to do all the business and visit duty-free shops at the Colombo airport, because local employees willingly help to pass without queue to those who have had a minimum of time before departure. You just have to ask them to open the passage, showing the boarding pass. After all, after security control, people get into storage devices where there is a toilet, but there are no shops, no cafe, just bare walls, and that's it.


Thirdly, the business boxes at Bandaranaike Airport are so-so, it will be difficult to pass the time in them, but, for example, it is unlikely to taste local food. Alcohol is available, but his choice is limited. I repeat that business lodges can be accessed after passport control, but before security inspection.


Fourth, to normally take a break before the flight, you need to go straight to the second floor after checking the passports. Only there there are enough benches and seats, on which you can sit comfortably.


In fact, I liked only duty-free shops at Columbo airport.


Dute-free. Very rich selection of tea, fabrics and various small things. You can buy souvenirs at Bandaranaike airport even cheaper than in city shops of Sri Lanka. For example, it is really possible to find magnets for $ 1, which was not met either in Colombo, in Kandy, or in Sigiriya. But with alcoholic trouble: the prices are high. "Martini" is $ 13, "Beiliss" $ 25, a bottle of whiskey "Famous Grouse" is required to shell out $ 20.

The main airport building

Waiting hall. Expect to have a special place...

On security control there is always a queue

Business lounge leaves much to be desired

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