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Useful information about Indira Ghandi Delhi airport first-hand: a description of the terminal, how to get from the airport of Delhi to the city center, advices about transportation and luggage storages, prices of duty-free shops in the Delhi airport


Transportation: subway


The airport of Delhi is huge in size and looks very good. Inside, there are plenty of places for waiting passengers that are near the check-in counters that are in the sterile zone. Another thing is that the terminal is allowed to enter the terminal only after the printed ticket is presented, and it is a grief for the passenger if he leaves in 7-8 hours: he may not miss, forcing to wait outside. In addition, the building of those who have gone, do not let the outside, poor fellows who wish to smoke at the airport Indira Gandhi, do it simply nowhere - is not provided, but you can not quit smoking areas.


To get from the airport to the center of Delhi, it is best to take advantage of the subway line. A special branch is stretched directly to the main railway station, the journey time is about 20 minutes, no traffic jams, no fuss with taxi drivers. A ticket will have to pay Rs 100, it is more expensive than the cost of a bus ride from the airport, but it should be noted that the meter will run every 15 minutes and go quickly, while land transport inevitably gets stuck for a long time because of the traffic. On the other hand, to get from the airport of Delhi to the center by buses is possible around the clock, whereas the metro closes after 23 hours. Taxi drivers usually ask for a trip to the "tourist ghetto" about 300-400 rupees, at night taxi prices in Delhi grow substantially.


To pay for travel, one way or another it is necessary to have Indian rupees on hand, and the exchange rate at Delhi airport is unprofitable. For every dollar or euro you can earn 10 percent less than in urban exchangers, plus you need to remember about the commission.


Many people are wondering whether there is a luggage room at Delhi Airport, how long it can leave things there, and how much this service is worth. Luggage storage is available to find it, you need to go outside and follow the signs. Passengers are allowed to leave the luggage up to 30 days, the prices vary depending on the weight of the property - good weight up to 7 kilograms will cost 180 rupees per day, for a period of between 7 and 20 have to fork out for 350 rupees a day, hefty trunks will fly to 520 rupees per day . So the luggage room at the airport in Delhi is not cheap, it's easier with the staff of some hotel to negotiate ...


It is worth noting that in the main waiting room, before passport control, there is absolutely no place to eat. You can get to the food court at Delhi airport only after registration and passport control, and even then the prices are awful, the food is 1.5-2 times more expensive than in the city center. Say, a mug of beer will fly in 600 rupees. There is a McDonald's, and also expensive.


Duty free. Duty free shops at Delhi airport sell a wide variety of goods and prices are moderate. Souvenirs, however, are more expensive than in the city, magnets go for $ 5 against two, or even one, if you are lucky enough to agree in small Indian shops. Mugs with photos of Indian sights are also expensive, they go 10 dolars each. But at the duty-free airport of Delhi are selling chic sets of chocolates with the views of Agra - the price is $ 12, and the value of the kit as a souvenir as a gift from India is simply priceless. Alcohol and cosmetics are available, 1 liter of "Martini" will cost $ 13, it's divine.

Airport main terminal

Decor in Indian style

Waiting hall

Photo of duty-free shops in Delhi airport

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