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The huge, futuristic-style buildings of the Dubai airport make a truly stunning impression: only a waterfall fifty meters high is worth, and yet there are polished escalators, sparkling elevators, restaurants and shops in dozens... In one place I, for example, came across "Maybach", played out on lottery tickets: you pay 1000 dollars and you get one out of a thousand chance to win this expensive car...


On the other hand, the airport infrastructure did not seem to me thoughtful, and in the morning, when a lot of transit passengers accumulate in the terminals, there is nowhere to sit - the most unpretentious citizens, mostly from among the Pakistanis, sleep right on the floor. Still it should be noted that the premises are cold, and if you can sit for two or three hours without difficulty, to spend the night in such cold weather will be uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the hotel at the airport in Dubai is, and it can be used even if there is no UAE visa, but the prices there are such that at least stand, at least fall, in short, two hundred and fifty dollars per room, without breakfast; the hotel's branches are in terminals 1 and 3. Alternatively, people use the services of the airport business lodges, where you can take a shower and sit comfortably, but the entrance will cost you a hundred and fifty dollars if you have an economy class ticket.


Restaurants quite expensive, coffee, for example, is in the simplest version of about $ 5. At the same time you are not guaranteed a place where you can drink coffee: many of the chairs are occupied by sleepers, on which the staff of the establishment does not pay any attention.


The Arabs generally, as I have noticed, do not bother with their work; each of them assumes this kind of appearance, as if doing a favor to tourists. Because of this, the border checkpoints periodically accumulate huge queues, so try to outrun fellow travelers, especially Indonesians, Filipinos and other guests from the East: the name of the habit of moving in droves and robbing officials of a lot of time, they can create you a bunch of problems. So, try to overtake them all and after you go down to the arrival hall, immediately turn right, to the tables where the retinal scan is done. There it is necessary to show permission to enter, get a stamp on it, and only then go towards the border guards. And remember that women undergo all procedures separately from men!


Getting from the airport in Dubai to the city can be reached on foot, since the air harbor is located almost in the city; that's when a new airport complex will be built in the desert, then everything will change, but for now things are exactly like this. Recently in Dubai from the airport there is a subway with which terminals are connected by transits - even on the street there is no need to go out. The journey costs 4.5 dirhams to the central areas and two dirhams more if you go to the Jumeirah beach area. The only trouble is that late in the evening and at night the Dubai subway does not work, and we need to take a taxi. Such a trip will be much more expensive, mainly because the boarding fee at the airport is 3 dirhams, as in the city, and all 25 coins. Add here 20-25 dirhams, which will issue a counter for the move itself, and we will get approximately 15-20 dollars. Just in case, keep in mind that male drivers can not take passengers, so lonely girls should take advantage of special taxis from Dubai airport for women - they are exceptionally weak on the floor.


Duty free. Contrary to expectations, nothing supernatural is found - prices as prices. For example, a liter of martini costs 8.88 dollars, a three-liter bottle of French cognac Camus - 250 dollars. In the range there is, interestingly, washing powders "Omo" and "Persil" for $ 10 for three kilograms - I wonder who these packages are buying? ..


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