Jaipur Airport

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Transportation: none


Guests of Jaipur may well be deceived by the beautiful view of the complex and its cleanliness, but soon they will have to face an unpleasant reality.


First, the terminal is allowed to enter the terminal only after presenting a ticket for the next flights. If you accidentally left the building and want to return, it's unlikely that it will work. But there is nowhere else in the area to exchange money and, therefore, so be ready for transportation problems.


Secondly, there is very little space in the main waiting room. If several flights are expected, there will most likely be no time to sit down or shift things.


Thirdly, it is impossible to get from the airport of Jaipur to the city by public transport, it only remains to take a taxi. In the future, it seems to be planned to improve the state of things, but for now, up to the nearest route, which runs city buses, about three kilometers. That is, there are no alternatives to taxi drivers. To get from Jaipur airport to the old part of the city, you have to fork out: the tuk-tuk costs about 300-400 rupees, so it's better to book a taxi and go with comfort.


The terminal itself is not bad, except that at the entrance to the registration area a crowd is always created from the main waiting room: there are two baggage inspection devices for different airlines, and passengers are often confused about where to go. The fact is that after checking on things stick security tags, every carrier has its own, that's why confusion, as porters have some labels, others do not. After the stickers are stuck, you can not open suitcases and backpacks, otherwise they will not be accepted for transportation and will be sent to inspect on a new one. If you cope with this matter, everything is simple and there are places for those waiting in bulk, and there are cafes and duty-free shops.


Duty-free. Duty-free trade in the terminal is cheerful, but shopping is not particularly profitable. Almost everything that is rich in duty free Jaipur, is in the shops of the city.


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