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Transportation: city bus


The terminal bearing the name of the famous Indian politician Netaji Subhas Chandra Bosa is not far from the city, in 17 kilometers, but until the subway was reached to him, put on the road for at least an hour and a half. To get from the airport of Calcutta to the center faster will not be possible because of terrible traffic jams. The rest of the complex pleases: it is clean and comfortable, and there is where to stay in anticipation of the flight. Inside, in addition to other infrastructure, there are storage rooms, they need to be looked for on the second floor right after entering the arrival hall. You can leave things at a price of 30 rupees per day, but the good is accepted only in a packed form, equipped with a lock.


To get from the airport of Calcutta, you can take advantage of comfortable, air-conditioned buses. Just a few routes take passengers to different areas, the most popular line is VS2, ending at a major transport hub near Howrah Station, the main city railway station. The journey costs only 50 rupees, it is necessary to pay the conductor, he will come up and take the money. The bus stop, which can be reached from the airport of Calcutta to the center, is to the right of the exit from the terminal, but there is no need to go there, as the cars still pass the entire facade of the building. Still, it's better to do it before the official stop, so you can sit down and take one of the seats quietly, otherwise it will not be an hour to stand all the way.


I note that the stop of transport in the opposite direction is not where the landing place. To take the bus to the airport of Calcutta, you need to search in the central passage of the Howrah train station near the post number 14 and wait there.


uty free. Nothing special useful duty-free shops at the airport in Calcutta do not offer, there are leather handbags, fabrics, a variety of embroideries, but all this can be found in the city, and it is cheaper. But alcohol is cheaper, a liter bottle of "Martini" costs $ 13.


Inside the airport of Calcutta

Arrival Hall

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