Useful information about Male airport firsthand: personal impressions, description of terminals, tips on how to get from Male airport to Hulhumale and the capital, how much transport costs, whether duty-free shops are at the airport of Male


Transportation: bus, boat, taxi


Male airport made an ambivalent impression. On the one hand, it is a modern terminal equipped with all necessary infrastructure. There are cafes, souvenir shops, tourist offices, where you can book a transfer or excursion and much more. On the other hand, the terminal's scheme looks undeveloped, the passengers needing signs can not be found in the daytime with fire. For example, a building from which local airlines fly to the islands is located at a decent distance from the international transport complex, and guess where to go. The place where the bus stop to Hulhumale is located in the airport of Male is not even indicated, in fact, it is naturally "hidden". To find it, you need to turn left at the corner, and stomp to the inconspicuous pillar and bench beside it. From there, the shuttles to Hulhumal, which cost Rs. 40, are sent. With the water the message is easier: coming out, you just need to cross the road to be on the embankment, where the berths for moving to Male by boat are located; price issue is 20 rupees, luggage is free.


Further, the places for waiting in the hall for international departures are at a minimum, you can normally settle down only after security control. But then the business lounge of Male airport, which is to the left of the passage to the check-in desks, will not be available. However, there is no need to go there, since nothing can offer the staff other than coffee and pastries. In the "Leeli Lounge", which is located in the sterile zone, the choice of food is more, but the people there the sea, as it is massively visited by all cash business passengers.


A decent capacity has the "Moonimaa Lounge", designed for passengers on domestic flights. There and with a better food, and with the conditions. Only now is the trouble: when the public influxes, the staff closes access to the holders of the "Priority Pass", so that it is not necessary to count on visiting the business boxes at the Male airport in the morning.


I'll add about currency exchange: Maldivian rupees are needed only for paying for local transport, that is, buses and boats, and also they can be used to pay for small tips. In hotels they prefer to take dollars, and if the transfer to the islands is pre-ordered and paid for, change the currency at the Malé airport is not necessary, is it for interest. The exchange rate is adequate, in the city it is better to not find the options, besides the offers are not found at every step.


Duty-free. In theory, you can not bring alcohol to the Maldives, in fact, they strictly check passengers of direct flights from Europe. Therefore, poor fellows and prutsya in duty free of the airport of Male, where you can buy alcohol. What is surprising, the prices for it, in general, are not prohibitive: a bottle of martini costs $ 10, the cost of a liter of liqueur Baileys is $ 24. But very expensive are those souvenirs that you can buy at the airport - T-shirts cheaper than $ 20 at all, magnets are at least $ 5, despite the fact that in Male they are sold for 1-2 dollars, and different T-shirts are actually purchased for 8- 10 USD.

The airport is heavily stretched

Waiting hall

Provincial customs

How does duty-free in Male look like? Like this!

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