Yangon Airport

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Transport: taxi


Yangon Airport is located far from the city center, there is no transportation from it, so travelers should either book a transfer from the hotel or take a taxi. The necessary rack is located just near the exit from the arrivals hall to the common hall. How much specifically costs a taxi ride to the right place in Yangon, local employees announce, the usual price to the center is 8,000 lakh. During rush hours you can go for a long time, from one and a half to two hours. You can get to the bus terminal from the Yangon airport for about 4000 lakh, the journey takes about 20-25 minutes.


You can exchange money both in the "sterile" zone and after leaving it, the rate is the same everywhere, 1293 kyats per dollar, when it comes to hundreds of bills and lower in case of small items. By the way, you can perform a reverse manipulation at departure, kyats take on 1303 per dollar.


The airport building of Yangon is relatively small, but modern. It is worth noting a huge panel in the departure hall, depicting the grandiose barge of the kings of Burma. The places for waiting before passing passport control are a few, and in the main hall there is absolutely no place to sit in the truest sense of the word. Yes, before going up to the second floor, there is a huge queue of Burmese, you do not need to join it, it's a procedure solely for local people leaving for work.


Duty free. Duty free shops at Yangon Airport are distinguished by high prices, but give the last chance to buy souvenirs from Myanmar. They have magnets of $ 3 each, T-shirts, carved wooden articles and other trifles. Alcohol is very expensive.


In this turn, you do not need to get up, it is for local

Panel in the terminal

Modern design of the Yangon airport

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