An independent trip to Serbia added to my collection of impressions the most beautiful views of Novi Sad, Balkan winter landscapes, Novi Sad photos of the Petrovaradin fortress and other attractions, as well as nice Serbian pictures


Views of Novi Sad City Hall

Let's see Serbian monuments pictures

Balkan winter landscapes

Photos from the center of Novi Sad

Novi Sad City Hall

Challenging monument

Beautiful building

Photos from the center of Novi Sad

Photos of the historical part of Novi Sad

Photo report on the trip to former Yugoslavia

Serbian pictures captured at winter

Images of fortress Petrovaradin, which is called the Danube Gibraltar

Old Town

Main street picture


View on Petrovaradin: Danube Gibraltar

Novi Sad: photos of fortifications

Petrovaradin fortress gate at glance

See unusual Serbian pictures

Panoramic views of Novi Sad

The fortifications

Fortress gate

Frosty pattern


Panorama over Danube

Album from Balkan with winter landscapes

Novi Sad pleasant photos

Winter pastoral images

Panorama over Danube

Novi Sad

Neat temple

Winter pastoral

Views of church St. Paul in Novi Sad

Let's see what the Balkan winter landscapes look like

Serbian pictures with orthodox churches

Novi Sad Synagogue photo

Church of St. Paul

Remnants of the former luxury

Elegant design

Novi Sad Synagogue photo

Images of the New Architecture of the Balkans

Views of theater in Novi Sad

Balkan winter landscapes captured at city park

Photo report on the trip to Balkan

The reflection


City Park

New Architecture

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