Arrange independent travel to Serbia and see the sights of Belgrade and Novi Sad will help you useful links. Serbian visa, hotels Serbia, tourist information, transportation, maps of cities in Serbia - all at your disposal


GENERAL INFORMATION: - National carrier JAT airways - Serbian Railways - Bus transportation within Serbia and travel abroad


BELGRADE: - Belgrade Airport - Transportation in Belgrade - Hotel Rex h - Belgrade bus station (international) - Useful information about Belgrade - Official information about Belgrade - official travel Belgrade: attractions, walking routes, etc. - Site about Kalemegdan Fortress - Military Museum in Belgrade - Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade


NOVY-SAD: - Transport in Novi Sad - Hotel Il de France - The official website of Novi Sad - Tourist information about Novi Sad - Site about sights Novi Sad - Novi Sad Fortress


MAPS: - Detailed map of Belgrade - Map of Novi Sad - Map of the central part of Novi Sad

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