Travel to Sweden by ferry allowed to photograph the most beautiful Stockholm views, so Scandinavian album consists of Sweden landscapes, 

Stockholm pictures and bright images of Swedish houses


Great Stockholm views: Knight's church

How the Swedish Parliament look like

Stockholm pictures included in Scandinavian album

Panorama of the Stockholm Bay

Knight's Church

The Swedish Parliament

Pretty gatehouse

Panorama of the Stockholm Bay

Sweden landscapes: let's see sea frame

Swedish houses, where are Nobel Prizes awarded

Best Stockholm attractions views

Swedish houses at glance

Sea frame

Where are Nobel Prizes awarded? Here!

Super Tower

Breed of the bed

Stockholm pictures: an example of Northern Art Nouveau

Views of Stockholm shopping area

Typical views of Stockholm

Scandinavian album, which included Stockholm pictures

Northern Art Nouveau

Shopping area

Views of Stockholm

Opera House

Sweden landscapes, captured during ferry trip

To see Swedish houses: typical example of Neo-Gothic architecture

Sweden landscapes: yacht parking

Stockholm pictures, included in new scandinavian album


Neo-Gothic: a typical example

Yacht parking

Time for sailing the ferry

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