After a trip to Scandinavia, my collection of photos was enlarged with the best views of Sweden, Gamla Stan pictures, Stockholm attractions photos, royal palace photographs and most beautiful Scandinavian images



Let's look best scandinavian images

Pretty views of Sweden

Gamla Stan pictures

Stockholm photos, captured during the independent trip


Typically Swedish building

What the Gamla Stan district looks like

A piece of nature in the stone jungles

Cute views of autumn Sweden

Pretty Gamla Stan pictures

See Stockholm churches photos

Charming old Stockholm photos

The road to beauty

Let's talk about the food...

Bulwark of Protestants

Old Stockholm is charming, is not it?!

How facades of Stromgatan looks like

Wonderful views of Stockholm

Unusual scandinavian images

Best views of Sweden North museum

Facades of Stromgatan

Wonderful views of Stockholm

Ships on vacation

Pleasant in all respects picture

Museum of Northern Peoples at a glance

Stockholm photos of the building resembling a castle

The Royal Palace from the facade: photos from independent travel

Royal palace guards photos

Museum of Northern Peoples

Almost that castle

The Royal Palace from the facade

Sentry Guard

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