During a trip to the Middle East, I was able to see the best views of Aleppo, so Levant landscapes, mosque interior images and photos of Aleppo citadel were included in Syrian album


Let's see syrian album: great mosque at a glance

Best views of Aleppo

Mosque interior images

You can see the images of the interiors of the mosque, whose floor is entirely carpeted

The Great Mosque

The inner courtyard of the shrine

So looks the pulpit

Carpets are everywhere

Pictures of praying Muslims included in the Syrian album

Views of the biggest Aleppo mosque

Scenes of Al-Madina: life in the bazaar Aleppo

What do the houses in the Arab East look like


The decoration looks good

Al-Madina: life in the bazaar Aleppo is boiling

Corner of the Arab East

Best photos of Aleppo citadel

Views of  Serpent Tower in the center of Aleppo

Unusual decoration: let's see Syrian album

Levant landscape at glance

Aleppo citadel

Photo on the background of the Serpent Tower

Evil decoration

Levant landscape

Most picturesque photos of Aleppo citadel

Views of Aleppo from a height

Wonderful Levant landscape

Splendid photos of Aleppo citadel

The city is under control

Views of Aleppo from a height

Sightseers listen to the guide

At the bastions

Panoramic views of Aleppo

New Syrian photo album is brought to your attention

Levant militant landscape

Pictures of the Military Museum in Damascus

The remains of castle buildings

Syrian photo album

Militant picture

The Military Museum of Damascus

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