During the journey through the Near East, I was able to see the best Istanbul views and brought home many photos Bosphorus photos, Topkapi Palace images and other turkish pictures, that were included in Istanbul album


Gloomy Istanbul views

See turkish pictures: Blue mosque at a glance

Best Topkapi Palace images

Bosphorus photos from Turkey

Alien sky

Blue Mosque

Beautiful decoration

Weather was not happy

Beautiful Topkapi Palace images

Turkish pictures, captured at winter

Harem photos, included in Istanbul album

Pleasant Topkapi images

In Topkapi Palace

Here met the Council of Ministers


Small courtyard

Istanbul views with flowers

Bosphorus photos were unsuccessful

Turkish pictures of Maiden's Tower

Types of old buildings from Istanbul album

Flowers in the rain

Bosphorus photos were unsuccessful

Maiden's Tower

Few old

Istanbul views of Hagia Sofia

Turkish pictures taken during the Asian trip

Orthodox icons are captured

Terrible Turkish commander - pictures from turkish military museum

Hagia Sophia

Shrugged shrine


Terrible Turkish commander

New quarters of Istanbul at a glance

Istanbul views of Istiqlal district

Photographs of mosques, included in Istanbul album

Istanbul views of Great Bazaar

New quarters of Istanbul

Istiqlal district

Maybe a Holiday

Istanbul Bazaar

Turkish pictures of Galata Tower

Panoramic Bosphorus photos

Istanbul from a bird's eye view

Night Constantinopole - Bosphorus photos

Galata Tower

Gloomy outlook

Above the city

Night Constantinopole

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