Organize an independent trip to Uganda and see sights of Kigali will help you useful links to Eastern Africa. Air carriers, hotels and transport in Uganda, buses to Burundi, Kenya & Rwanda, information about the country, city map Kigali - all at your service


GENERAL INFORMATION: Ц "Air Uganda", national carrier Ц Cheap flights from Uganda to Kenya Ц Buses from Uganda to Rwanda & Burundi - Buses between Uganda & Kenya - Buses from Uganda to Kenya, Burundi & Rwanda Ц Buses between Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda & Kenya


KAMPALA: Ц "Red Chilli Hideaway hotel" in Kampala - "Holiday Express hotel" in Kampala - Useful information about Uganda: visa, timetables, safari, etc... - Safari in Uganda Ц Uganda National museum


MAPS: - Interactive map of Kampala - Map of Kampala with sights


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