The collection of South American images included the best views of Montevideo, images from Uruguay and photos of the main attractions of Montevideo


Views of Montevideo: monument to General Artigas

A typical example of a colonial architecture

South America unusual pictures

Photos of Independence Square in Montevideo

Monument to General Artigas

Stylish building

Total lack of harmony

Independence Square

Views of the most famous landmark in Montevideo

Colonial architecture at glance

Pleasant images from Uruguay

It's time to see South America pictures

The most famous landmark in Montevideo

Colonial architecture

Old arch

Here is the French spirit

Large photos of the Montevideo flagpole

Colonial architecture is forgotten, we begin to build skyscrapers

Kinds of the most unusual facades of Montevideo

The best views of the Montevideo center

Rain-stiffened banner


Unusual facade

Positions of Catholicism are still strong

Pleasant Uruguayan landscapes

Uruguayan landscapes

Views of Montevideo

Hovering over the city

Complex idea

Pictures from South America

On the photo the city council of Montevideo

Report about the trip to Uruguay

Majestic house

Pictures from South America are always bright

City Council: antiquity in the tropics

Report about the trip to Uruguay: the Montevideo embankment

Images of ocean promenade from Uruguay

Pictures of South American graffiti

Unpleasant views of Montevideo

Photos of Montevideo, taken at the very edge of the continent

Ocean promenade

Former fort was mutilated by local youth

The unpleasant side of Montevideo

At the very edge of the continent

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