Independent trip to India added to my collection of photos beautiful views of Agra. In the photo album photo from India entered the Taj Mahal and its surrounding buildings, a small photo report about the Taj Mahal, the photos taken in the Red Fort, the scenery from the streets and other pictures Agra


Picture from the Taj Mahal Hindu admire Wonder of the world famous mausoleum in all its glory Look slightly to the side
The walls of the tomb Arabic script Carving At The Taj Mahal is always crowded
Ensemble complex Neighborhood mosque Relaxing on the grass View of the countryside
Haze over Agra Gate in oriental style Local life Flavor Ride
On a photo Baby Taj Indian style Craftsmanship Pattern East
Lookout tower Wonderful picture Entrance to the Red Fort of Agra Impressive sight
The walls are still strong Palace pavilion Gracefully Typical Indian architecture
Spectacular grass Decorations On the Red Fort walls Kiddies are fascinated: Taj Mahal really good!

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