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Various information about Cancun airport first-hand: personal impressions, description of terminals, how to get from Cancun airport to hotels, the cost of a taxi to the center of Cancun, transportation to the airport, useful tips about overnight, description of duty-free shops


Transport: airport shuttle


Through the airport of Cancun, there are as many passengers annually as not every country receives tourists. And I must say that a relatively small building of an air harbor hardly manages such a violent stream of people. It is not necessary to count on comfortable waiting inside the terminal, there are very few seats in the registration area; personal impressions suggest that overnight at Cancun airport is not ideal at all.


Most arrivals do not bother at all how to get from Cancun airport to resort hotels: groups meet buses and bring in arrivals. Only taxis and Aeroexpresses remain to independent travelers. The fare for a taxi to the center of Cancun from the airport is about 30-35 dollars per car - it's more profitable to go together-three of us. Also there is a collective taxi, or a minibus that costs less, 12-15 dollars, but then you have to wait for the driver to take other passengers to the hotels.


An alternative to a taxi from Cancun airport is aeroexpress. Modern, well-equipped ADO buses run between terminals and downtown every 30 minutes; In the morning and late evening, transport to Cancun airport is less frequent, the intervals can increase up to 45 minutes. Tickets are better to buy immediately after arrival, even in the baggage claim hall: every flight from the airport to Cancun can only three dozen people and places for the nearest departure is almost guaranteed. For payment at the cashier, credit cards are accepted, but there may be disruptions with the connection, and it's better to have cash pesos with you. Alas, the exchange rate at Cancun airport is bad, and if the city is given for the dollar 13.50-13.70, then when paying in the terminal, American bills are counted no more than 10 pesos per dollar.


Duty-free. The question has not been studied.



Baggage claim room. Cash desk bus right

Places for waiting passengers in Cancun are not provided



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