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Useful information about Hazrat Shahjalal Dhaka airport first-hand: a description of the terminal, how to get from the airport of Dhaka to the city center, advices about transportation and luggage storages, prices of duty-free shops in the Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal airport


Transportation: taxi


Dhaka Airport makes an oppressive impression that day, that night. He is somehow uncomfortable, unadorned and stupid. Bangladesh's visas are issued in it, but only ordinary ones, for $ 50, do not expect to get transit, the staff will do everything to prevent this from happening. In the arrival hall there are currency exchange offices, they are located immediately behind the passport control posts. The course is quite satisfactory, almost like in the city. Bangladeshi taka is very useful for paying for travel, especially if negotiating with private traders. The fact that the stand "prepaid taxi" in the airport is, but there are wringing up prices twice as much as a taxi actually costs to the center of Dhaka. If you go by the counter, the travel will cost about 600-700 rupees, the exact figures depend on the traffic, because the payment is based on the time spent on the road. Since the taxi drivers are not allowed directly to the terminal by the police, those who want to save should go outside the fenced territory and conduct taxi searches from Dhaka airport there. If you go directly to the adjacent highway, then there is an additional chance to get to the city by bus or tuk-tukami, it will cost much less.


To come to Dhaka airport is better in advance, huge Bangladeshi traffic jams can permanently stop the traffic flow; it is reasonable to lay to move from the center of the order of two hours. At the entrance to the terminal, documents are checked, after it the passenger is seized by local law enforcement officers and "helps" to fill out the form of the departing person. This service they paid, the money will extort very aggressively. In fact, it is necessary to fill in the papers after registration, there are special racks in the Departure hall and there are also blank forms. If it was not possible to buy souvenirs from Bangladesh, now is the time, before entering the registration area (where it is already impossible to go outside) there are kiosks with magnets, mugs, flags and other products. All this can be bought in the duty-free section of Dhaka Airport, but there prices are higher.


After passport control and security checks, passengers find themselves on a large, poorly arranged space, which should be used more productively. While there are nesting small shops and a single cafe. Prices in it so-so, a cup of tea costs 60 taka, Thai soup 350 taka, sandwiches will cost about 500-600 taka. But customers are given a password from WiFi, in another way on the Internet Bangladesh will not work.


Duty free. Duty free shops at Dhaka Airport seem to be there, but their assortment is very poor. Alcohol goes at absolutely wild prices, in the city the same bottles are twice cheaper. For a tiny bottle of "Hugo Boss" Bangladeshi ask for $ 70, which is also a robbery. So it makes sense to apply in duty-free only if the city to buy souvenirs from Bangladesh failed. Then the duty-free in Dhaka is useful, the good in it trade in magnets for 200-300 taka, objects of folk art, fabrics, miscellaneous small things. So, if the local currency remains in your hands, do not rush it into dollars, it will be possible to spend Bangladesh bills in duty-free airport of Dhaka without any difficulty, especially since the reverse exchange rate is unprofitable, it is equal to 78.6 taka per dollar.


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