Useful information about Guatemala City airport first-hand: a description of the terminal, how to get from the airport of Guatemala to the city center, transport tips, duty-free shops prices at the La Aurora airport


Transportation: local bus


La Aurora, the airport of Guatemala City, is located within the city and during maneuvers of aircraft passengers have the opportunity to contemplate the entire Guatemalan capital, including surrounding volcanoes. On the ground, they are waiting for a new, quite modern terminal with almost all conveniences, except for waiting areas: there is no place to sit in the hall where registration takes place; if you have to wait, the best option is to buy some food in McDonald's on the second floor in order to take one of the tables. After passport control and checking the security services of the places there are more places, you can sit and sleep there.


It is worth remembering that inside the building the guard starts up only if there is a printed ticket, although judging from personal impressions, Guatemalans are indulgent towards white tourists and, in principle, can be persuaded to miss it for nothing.


To get from the airport to the center of Guatemala City, most passengers take a taxi, as rumors say that the crime rate in Guatemala is very high, and using public transport means doom yourself to an imminent robbery. The fare for a taxi should not exceed 10 dollars, that is, approximately 70-80 kitsal. In fact, you can get from the largest airport of Guatemala to the center of the capital by bus, without any difficulty. Route 83 passes by the terminal to get on it, you need to exit the building and, turning left, go to the roundabout, with which to move to the right, on the road designated as "7A Avenida". Buses to the city center pass every 10-15 minutes, the price of a ticket to Guatemala City is 1 quetzal, it is necessary to pay the conductor, he gives the change.


Duty-free. Duty free shops at the airport in Guatemala keep the price tag very high. There you can buy tequila and rum in beautiful gift packages, but the cost of bottles will be 30-40 percent higher than in the city - that's for you duty-free trade. Also at the airport of Guatemala City souvenirs are sold, both before passport control, and after. It is better to visit souvenir shops in front of border guards, because it will be more expensive, for nothing that there already seems to be like duty-free. Prices, however, still will not be lower than in the country: T-shirts cost at least 80 kitsal, magnets will cost depending on the quality of 40-50 kitsal. By the way, there are usually no price tags, it is necessary to bargain with the seller, who most often calls the numbers "from the ceiling".

Decoration in the Mayan style

Waiting room without seats

Duty free shops at the airport in Guatemala

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