Kathmandu Airport

Useful information about Kathmandu airport first-hand: a description of the terminal, how to get from the airport of Kathmandu to the city center, advices about transportation and luggage storages, prices of duty-free shops in the Kathmandu airport


Transportation: taxi


Kathmandu Airport is considered one of the most stupid in Asia, and it really is. There's a lot of fuss, a little confusion, there are some problems everywhere. For example, part of the border posts, the one where long-term visas are issued to Nepal, is usually empty, but 15 days have terrible queues, 30-40 minutes of waiting, or even more. This time, incidentally, is better spent on currency exchange right there in the arrival hall, on the left. The fact is that there the rate is almost the same as in the city, 96.6, and without rupees it will be problematic to get from Kathmandu airport to Tamel district or other parts of the city. In principle, when you exit the terminal there are also exchangers, but there are not taking American bills worth less than 50. Therefore, if you do not change money in advance, you will have to deal with taxi drivers, and they will offer such a course that hoo.


Although on the Internet and write about the possibility to leave Kathmandu Airport for a taxi for 200-300 rupees, supposedly how much is a taxi to the center, in fact the "prepaid-taxi" counter is guided by fixed prices according to the table, and by taxi from Kathmandu airport to of the Tamel region will cost 700 rupees. If time and luggage allows a little, you can save money: go after the exit from the terminal through the parking lot forward and a little obliquely to the right, to overcome another two hundred meters and get off on the highway. There, firstly, there is a chance to catch a taxi and arrange for a much smaller amount; secondly, you can contact local travel agencies and also resolve the issue; thirdly, near the bus station, and if you plan to leave Kathmandu for Pokhara or where else, it's easier to walk a quarter of an hour than to row with taxi drivers; Fourthly, public transport is passing along the highway, it means getting from the Kathmandu airport to the Tamel region really in general for a penny.


When departing, it would be good to appear near the terminal in advance: first there is a dull check of luggage at the entrance, it can take up to half an hour. Get up to the queue on the right side of the gate, where tourists are patched, on the left, they gut the local. Further, having passed the registration, it is better not to climb immediately to control security, there will be neither food nor water behind it. So it is reasonable to wait for a while in a spacious hall on the second floor, make purchases, etc., and only then get up in one of the long lines. And notice that women stand apart from men. It is interesting that water and other liquids are not selected at Kathmandu airport, Nepalese do not care about it at all.


Duty free. Duty free shops at Kathmandu airport are expensive, putting off buying something before the flight simply does not make sense. For example, to buy souvenirs from Nepal in the duty-free section, you need to pay almost twice as much as in the city - magnets cost 400 rupees against the usual 250. Alcohol at the main airport of Nepal is also not cheap, a liter martini bottle costs 1800 rupees, that is more 18 dollars.

The queue at the entrance. Tourists should go to the right

Everywhere the crowds

Departure hall

Panorama from the flying field



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