Maamigili Airport

Useful information about Maamigili airport first-hand: a description of the terminal, how to get from the airport of Maamigili, whether it is transported, tips and personal impressions about the international airport Villa


Although the airport Villa, located on the island of Maamigili and considered international, the magnificent name should not deceive anybody: there are no flights to other countries. It is also worth mentioning that there are few flights every day, and the entire message is carried out by one and only company "Flyme".


Well, personal impressions of the airport Maamigili so-so: a tiny terminal is deprived of even basic amenities. Suppose there is a toilet in it, but only up to the security control line, and then, in a tiny waiting room, there is absolutely nothing to do. Opposite the reception desk there is a store selling food, but you can not buy souvenirs at the Maamigili airport. On the other hand, modest size and crappy traffic allow local personnel to serve passengers quickly - once or twice, and things are already on board, well, or in hotel minibuses. Since the air harbor serves, in fact, only a few islands, and it is always known in advance where a visitor is heading, all arrivals are quickly sorted out immediately upon arrival, they do not even need to receive luggage, they are loaded onto boats by transfer and issued directly in the room. There are no other ways to get from the airport.


There is no transport there. Theoretically, it is possible to get to the village of Maamigili on foot in order to wait for a ferry to the neighboring islands, but this is not the best entertainment on Maldives.

In an Maamigili aeroport

Local transport

Waiting room is very small

Everything is simple, no frills

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