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Useful information about the airport Mexico City first-hand: personal impressions, transport to the airport, a description of terminals, how to get to the airport from Mexico City, the cost of a taxi, the exchange rate at the airport of Mexico City, prices in a duty-free shops of Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juarez


Transportation: local bus, subway


The airport of the Mexican capital is divided into 2 parts. To choose the right transportation to the airport in Mexico City, you need to know from which terminal the flight will be. The old building 1 serves the bulk of flights from Europe, here fly in KLM, Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia and other companies flying to Mexico. Case number two is much newer, more convenient, more spacious and is occupied mainly by the local company "Aeromexico" together with colleagues in Latin America. Communication between the two halves of the complex is carried out with the help of automatic overground, the passage is free, however, one can get from one terminal of Mexico City to another only if there is a boarding pass - the security already check documents. The downside is also that trains run occasionally at intervals of 10 minutes, and with a lack of time such a gap can become fatal. There is an alternative, it's a bus going between terminals, but it's paid, the fare is 12 pesos.


Transportation to the airport Mexico City goes well, to reach the subway, for example, is not difficult, and the fare only 5 pesos, no matter what station the traveler did not go. To get to the metro station near terminal 1, you need to go out into the street, turn left and move to the taxi stand, which is rounded by the covered gallery. Then the entrance to the Terminal Aerea station will be visible from the side to the left. You can not get to the terminal 2 by metro, then you have to either go to the old building and then move to the shuttle (only with a printed boarding pass), or finish the trip with a large transport hub "Pantitlan", where you can get to the airport Mexico City on foot 10 minutes.


Bus from Mexico City Airport is real, but fuss is much more than with the metro: you need to get hold of a special fare card and then stand in traffic jams. So the best transport to the airport of Mexico City is still Metro.


The cost of a taxi ride from the airport of Mexico City depends on the destination - distance plays a key role. Travel to the nearest hotels will cost approximately 60 pesos in the afternoon and at 80 at night. A taxi to Sokalo from the airport costs about 200 pesos, at night, of course, more expensive.


In addition, the differences in terminals are manifested not only in transport: even the exchange rate at the airport of Mexico City depends on the location. For example, while in the old part of the complex, dollars are being changed 13.4 below, in the arrivals area, and at 13.95 at the top, where registration is taking place, the new terminal exchangers offer 14.24 pesos per dollar; however, this exchange rate is offered at the airport of Mexico City for only 100 dollar bills. At the same time in the city you can change American money and at 14.40-14.60.


Further, in the second terminal there are places for those who are waiting, although not very much, but at least they have, than the first building can not boast. There to find where to sit before departure problematic; the only reasonable option is how to spend the night at the airport of Mexico City - take a bench in that part of the building where long-distance buses go (there are fifty seats on the side of the ticket offices), but then you should dress warmly, because the nights in the Mexican capital are very cold.


When planning a stay before departure, it should be remembered that the first terminal at the airport of Mexico City is stretched in space to pass it from end to end, it takes a certain amount of time. The second case is much more compact, with it all easier. But in the old part of the building there are shops where you can spend the rest of the trifle. Buy souvenirs at the airport Mexico City will cost more than in the capital itself, magnets, for example, cost 55 pesos or 100 pesos for 2 pieces.


Personal impressions of business lounge are positive, although there are not too many places. Drinks the sea, substantial food is small, at best there are soups and salads.


Duty-free. Duty free shops at the airport of Mexico City did not set themselves up as special. Tequila in duty-free costs $ 15 for a small bottle, 51 for a large in gift performance; it is more expensive than in the city. A liter "Bayliss" can be bought for $ 22, at a special offer, you can actually take 2 bottles for $ 35. Perfumes in duty free airport of Mexico City is about the same as in Europe.

View of the new part of the complex

Original decor

Main hall terminal two

So looks like a business lounge in Mexico City airport

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