The trip to Ceylon added to my collection of impressions the beautiful views of Peradeniya Botanical Gardens pictures, photo of orchids and

images of palms included in new Sri-Lanka album


Great views of Peradenja Botanical Gardens

Beautiful Sri Lanka album

Amazing photo of orchids

Let's see photo of orchids

Views of Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

Walking in the conservatory

In the Tropics

Photo of orchids

Bright photo of orchids

Pictures from Royal Botanical Gardens of Ceylon

Pretty views of Peradeniya

Excursion to see exotic plants

Bright colors of flora

On the lawn

Blossoming Edge

Excursion to the exotic

Monster tree

Pleasant landscapes included in Sri Lanka album

Tree planted in Ceylon by Emperor Nicholas II

Avenue of palms: images brought from the tropics

Monster tree

Wherever you look, everywhere it's beautiful

Curly loner

Avenue of palms

Beautiful views of Peradeniya gardens

See images of unusual palms

Let's see photo of orchids and other exotic plants

Ceylon Botanical Gardens amazing pictures

Practically England

Stranger than the atomic war

Playing in contrast

Place for rest

Pleasant Sri Lanka album

Cacti of strange shape

Pleasant views of Peradeniya

Drunken trees

Woody freaks

Cactus Zone

By the pond

Drunken trees

Lovely images of palms

Great views of Peradeniya gardens

Nice landscapes from the Sri Lanka album

Bamboo thicket

A lot of everything

Gifts of nature

Shadow on the fence

Bamboo thicket

The most beautiful Botanical Gardens pictures

Wonderful views of Peradeniya

Report from a trip to Ceylon

Nice photos of orchids

Man seems to be a grain of sand

Picture from Peradeniya

That's the bush!


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