During the excursion to the ruins of the ancient capital, I was able to shoot Sri Lanka pictures, photo of stone carving, Polonnaruwa images and Ceylon landscapes with monkeys as well as the best views of Polonnaruwa


The scale layout of the ancient capital of Sri Lanka

Views of the Royal Palace in Polonnaruwa

Wonderful Ceylon landscapes

Photo of stone carving

This is the ancient capital of Sri Lanka

Views of the Royal Palace in Polonnaruwa

Almost the jungle

Photo of stone carving can be done everywhere

See best Polonnaruwa images

Sri-Lanka most interesting pictures

Beautiful views of Polonnaruwa

Images of ancient ruins from the report on the trip to Asia

Ancient rafters

The ministerial meeting room was partially preserved

Traces of destruction are evident

What a spectacle

Pictures with the most important Sri Lanka sights

Photo of of stone carving in the Buddhist sanctuary

Amazing photo of stone carving captured at Polonnaruwa

Pleasant Sri Lanka pictures

And yet, it's not Angkor. Far from Angkor

Photo of the Buddhist sanctuary

Fucking skilful work

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Ceylon landscapes at glance

A delightful photo of a skilled stone carving

Photo of a stone carving, filmed at South Asia

Unusual views of Polonnaruwa

800 years? Or 900?

Tile. Maybe in the bathroom...


Security guard

Bright Sri Lanka pictures with pyramids

How Ceylon landscapes looks like

Polonnaruwa beautiful images

Views of Buddhist temples of the Polonnaruwa

The pyramids in Sri Lanka? Easily!

The foundation was laid properly

Beauty, what can I say...


Ceylon landscapes with monkeys

Seated Buddha: let's look look Sri Lanka pictures

Reclining Buddha and the standing Buddha together

Really amazing Polonnaruwa images

Roadside Picnic

Seated Buddha

The reclining Buddha and the standing Buddha together

Strange symbiosis

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