Having traveled to the Balkans without the help of travel agencies, I was able to capture the best views of Belgrade, bring home many wonderful photos from Serbia, where Kalemegdan Fortress and other Belgrad attractions are depicted, as well as vivid pictures of Serbian architecture


Kalemegdan Fortress at glance

Ramparts photos from Serbia

Let's take a look at the images, where there is a fortress Kalemegdan

Trip to Belgrad: pictures of a smallest tank

Gate Kalemegdan Fortress


Old Wall


Unusual photos from Serbia

A good example of Serbian military architecture

Panoramic views of Belgrade taken from ramparts of Kalemegdan Fortress

Images of the fortress Kalemegdan usually get too harsh

Solid masonry


Panoramic views of Belgrade

Fortifications in the snow

Pleasant photos from Serbia

Serbian architecture as it is

Views of orthodox churches from Belgrade

Streets of the serbian capital

Quiet place

Above all

Little church

Streets of the serbian capital    

Pictures from the exhibition center of Belgrade

Views of Belgrade Ethnographic Museum

Photos from the exhibition of National Costumes in the Museum of Serbia

Parade views of Belgrade

The exhibition center of Belgrade

Ethnographic Museum

National Costume

Parade views

What monuments look like in the Balkans

View on cathedral of Saint Sava in Belgrade

Large selection of samples of Serbian architecture

Views of houses of Serbian architecture, shot in Belgrade


View on cathedral of Saint Sava

Pedestrian zone

Serbian architecture

The Parliament of Serbia picture

Typical Orthodox Church

Pleasant photos from Serbia

Pictures of ruined houses shot in Belgrade

The Parliament of Serbia picture

Orthodox Church

Modernity invades past

War crimes

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